Leasing, fleet & rental

Specialty service provider of claims management services for leasing fleet and rental companies

DEKRA Claims Services is a specialty service provider of claims management services for leasing fleet and rental companies. We are able to offer seamless, integrated third party claims management services for commercial leasing firms, corporate vehicle fleets, OEMs, vehicle dealers, trucking and transportation companies, public entities and commercial lines carriers.

We also extend our services to insurance captives, captives of the OEM’s and non-captives (for example, self-insureds) of leasing, fleet and rental companies. For captives and non-captives, our offering ranges from solutions such as complete outsourcing (external third party administrator contracts) to the various stages in between, where our DEKRA teams can work together with your teams.

The benefits of DEKRA Claims Services’ offering for companies operating in the leasing, fleet and rental sector include:

  • Integrated third party claims management for most types of road transportation schemes
  • Operational excellence; we work with clearly defined and agreed SLAs in accordance with legal, financial and personnel/human resources requirements. We have established performance management tools and in the sphere of IT, we offer solutions that provide both flexibility and automation. Our highly-trained, knowledgeable and multilingual claims handlers focus solely on helping you address your business needs and in keeping your clients satisfied
  • Full-service offering: we cover the entire range of the claims value chain and offer services, from coordination centre to fraud detection and expertise.