Logistics & transportation industry

Cargo claims management for the transport and logistics industry

DEKRA Claims Services is a specialty service provider of claims management services for today’s sophisticated transport and logistics industry. This highly competitive industry is affected by changing pressures in the international economic environment, including legislation and environmental concerns. We are firmly committed to this industry by helping national as well as global players to operate across borders and staying at the forefront of all developments.

DEKRA Claims Services has developed specialist claims handling expertise through handling cargo and freight claims for several of the largest car manufacturers and global manufacturers’ logistics departments. Our staff includes experts in risk mitigation, cargo surveying and dealing with liability issues. DEKRA Claims Services provides capabilities including:

  • We serve all types of products and transport modes: Marine Shipping, Freight Rail, Inland Water Transportation, Ports (Sea and Inland)
  • Global reach - Through the DEKRA Group as a whole, our insurer clients can access a worldwide network of experts in not only the field of claims handling but we can also help our insurer clients avoid all need for investment or market entry costs and bypass the problem of foreign languages, local regulatory and fiscal rules and cultural barriers.
  • Innovative pricing models: From flat fee pricing to alternative pricing models, we use a number of alternative fee arrangements and can customize a deal to suit your requirements.
  • Operational excellence: efficient claims management is essential to the success and reputation of insurers, brokers and intermediaries: We work with clearly defined and agreed SLAs in accordance with legal, financial and personnel/human resources requirements. We have established performance management tools and in the sphere of IT, we offer solutions that provide both flexibility and automation. Our highly-trained, knowledgeable and multilingual claims handlers focus solely on helping you address your business needs and in keeping your clients satisfied.
  • We offer tailor-made packages: Whether our clients wish to outsource part of their claims process or their entire claims department, DEKRA Claims Services is able to provide a tailored product that takes into account specific need and requirements. We can also provide support with immediate claims management relief (for instance following major claims events), claims arising from a run-off program, as well as long-term outsourcing solutions.