How we work

We help you achieve effective claims management

DEKRA has articulated a set of seven corporate principles which form the basis for all business activities in our company. They underline the philosophy shared by all DEKRA companies and are the measure of how we deal with each other, our business partners and our clients. Our corporate principles are: Economic success, Growth, Customer focus, Globalization, Innovation, Integration and People focus. They guide our actions and will continue to guide DEKRA as the Group moves forward with a safety and neutral approach.

Integrated within DEKRA’s overarching corporate principles and taking into account the characteristics of claims handling DEKRA Claims Services’ specific business principles are:

  • Operational excellence: We work with clearly defined and agreed SLAs in accordance with legal, financial and personnel/human resources requirements. We have established performance management tools and in the sphere of IT, we offer solutions that provide both flexibility and automation. Our highly-trained, knowledgeable claims handlers focus on helping you address your business needs and on keeping your clients satisfied.
  • Consistency: As we mainly work with insurance companies, we recognize that in insurance long-standing business relationships are hugely important and are the constant focus of our attention
  • Exceptional client service: We put our customer at the heart of everything we do, ensuring delivery of claims management services aligned to your business objectives and sector.
  • We are committed to integrity: We always strive to safeguard the interests of our clients, whilst respecting the dignity of accident victims, enabling us to reach mutually satisfactory and swift resolutions of claims.